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She Can’t Stop… And She Won’t Stop

It seems that Miley Cyrus is just rolling with the punches lately, and taking them full-force.
You think you’ve seen Miley in her craziest get-up yet, and then she entered the iHeart Radio Music Festival sporting a mini, furry mesh dress with large dots over her nipples, as if the see-through mesh wasn’t bold enough.
You have to give her credit for sticking with this image, though.
What first seemed like a childish attempt to gain more attention has now turned into a full-on revolt of individuality and new beginnings for this artist.
Even for pop sensations like Miley, every new beginning comes with a rocky start. Recently, during her performance on Sept. 21 at the Las Vegas festival, she had a wardrobe malfunction where her nipple accidentally slipped out of her outfit.
Totally unfazed by her little “slip” up, she wore an even more revealing ensemble later on in the night.
Janet Jackson had the same malfunction at the Super Bowl 2004 Half-Time Show, and even though it might have been bad publicity at first, it was publicity nonetheless, and good or bad, publicity is publicity.
So, are these scandalous outfits and rambunctious outbursts a cry for help, or an attempt to get her name out there by any means possible?
How else can you break out of being a child TV star, unless you do something completely ludicrous and vulgar.
In an industry where everything needs to be bold and blown up to get noticed, Miley is eating it up. Will she be satisfied anytime soon? Some critics may think that she has gone too far, but others think she has not gone far enough.
For the image to stick, she’ll need to knock it out of the park. Her creed these days is that “She can do what she wants and sing what she wants to.”
Let’s just see how long her fans will attend this interesting fiesta.

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