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Snow happens: Easy ways to stay entertained

Until Tuesday, many of us had forgotten that overpowering, one-of-a-kind, don’t-wish-too-hard-or-it–might-not-come-true feeling that can only come in anticipation of one thing – a snow day.

Sure, when you’re 12, that feeling of elation is due to the fact that you have an entire day devoted to the childish antics of getting stuck in snow drifts, playing snow castle and desperately trying to hide your frostbitten fingers so you can stay out just a little while longer.

On the other hand, mature college students aren’t nearly excited enough to stay up all night watching that uncaring ticker scroll through the names of the lucky schools to be dismissed . . . Or are they?

But just because we are in college doesn’t mean we cannot express our excitement and appreciation of the elusive snow day.

Catching up

When you ask most college students what they plan to do if they get snowed in, this is what they will tell you, “Oh you know, just catching up on some homework and reading the dictionary.”

While this “catching up” excuse is certainly a cop out, it can be a useful purpose for a snow day. And, as everyone knows, homework goes by much faster when done under a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate.

Alright, this one sounds pretty childish, right? However, it doesn’t have to be. Studies have shown (and by studies, I mean experience) that dragging that sled all the way up that menacing hill is an excellent form of wintery exercise. An added bonus is barreling into your unsuspecting friends once they’ve landed at the bottom.

Snow Ice Cream
If you’re looking for a little indoor recreational activity that still involves snow, this one’s for you. Ever since I saw this on “Little Bear” I’ve been dying to try it. Who wouldn’t love a frozen dessert in which the main ingredient is free, readily available right outside your door and contains zero calories?


8 cups snow, or shaved ice
1 (14-ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Place snow or shaved ice into a large bowl.
Pour condensed milk over and
add vanilla. Mix to combine.
Serve immediately in bowls.

Snowball Fight
Once again, this may seem a tad juvenile, but let’s be honest, you are never too old to pelt your friend with a cold snowball when they least suspect it. I use the term friend rather loosely. This tradition can also carry over to strangers, “frienemies,” and that guy that flipped you the bird the other day.

Creating Snowculptures

As our bodies have matured, so have our fine motor skills. Building a traditional snow fort or snowman won’t get you anywhere in life if you need someone to talk to or North Korea invades. With 15 inches of snow, the options are endless for creating a state-of-the-art bomb shelter or sitcom family right in your own backyard.

Baking Cookies
While all of those fools are out at Walmart purchasing practical items like bread and milk, be the wise one and buy out the Tollhouse Break and Bake shelf. In doing so, you will have a wonderful 22 to 26 minute activity for yourself and the satisfaction of picturing those suckers eating bread and milk.

Watch Disney Movies
Hear me out on this one. Staying home for a snow day undoubtedly conjures up images of yesteryear, so why not add on other warm, fuzzy memories? A snow day is the perfect day to pull out the disney princesses and “The Lion King.” If only I had reruns of Bill Nye the Science Guy…

All of the above are best chosen in tandem with a mug of Swiss Miss, penguin pajamas and a blanket with sleeves.

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