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Spoilers Ahead: Farewell to HIMYM

It’s finally coming to an end, and I couldn’t be more relieved.

After nine seasons of “How I Met Your Mother” we are finally going to get closure on, dare I say it, an overly drawn-out series on March 31.

Let me clarify, I loved “How I Met Your Mother” in its prime. The show is worth a solid, consistent watch from season one to season seven, but in the last two seasons it’s lacked the overall sparkle that kept us tuning in for years.

The brilliance of the show is that no matter how awful it starts to get, if you invested the last seven years in the show, you simply cannot give up now. We finally met the mother at the end of the eighth season, and it’s kept me begrudgingly setting my DVR each Monday.

This season was particularly harder to get through than the last season, simply because we didn’t get very much time with the new mother and mostly spent time on Robin and Barney’s wedding. The entire season has revolved over a couple of days.

Although, the last three episodes have given longtime fans a sigh of relief. “How I Met Your Mother” has been pulling it together at the end to give off a worthy sendoff.
The show has done a great job coddling and comforting viewers into a slow end for a near decade-long series. It’s back to the roots of heartfelt lessons and comedic genius. On the last three Mondays, I have to admit that I’ve needed a tissue box beside me on the couch.

It’s finally OK to let go of the ridiculous theories of a Ted and Robin runaway bride montage, Marshall and Lilly renewed their vows securing our love and hope for their future, and Barney can finally stop living in fear of the final slap.

Next week’s episode is sure to keep the happy tears flowing. Ted letting go of Robin has reiterated that he is ready for the love of his life to finally make her grand entrance into his life. It wasn’t easy to accept her as she’s had cameos throughout the season, but maybe I’m just overly protective for the greatest man that ever lived.

Many theories are flying around the Internet. If you haven’t heard: there’s a strong case that the mother has actually passed away, which is why Ted is telling their story to his kids. The writers have said many times that the ultimate ending has been the same since the beginning of the series.

Regardless of how it turns out, this series finale should be nothing but greatness.

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