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I often wonder if it’s socially acceptable to date my Netflix account.
Netflix is there for me at three in the morning. Netflix really knows how to make a girl laugh. So, when Netflix announced that it would be releasing the entire season two of “House of Cards”, I couldn’t help but blush. I can’t remember ever receiving a better gift on Valentine’s Day.
In 2013, Netflix began competing with large networks, like HBO, and broadcasted its own original series. “House of Cards” was one of the first Netflix original series to be released and undoubtedly is the best of the bunch.
If you haven’t had the chance to watch yet, the show is a mixture of “The West Wing” meets “The Newsroom” meets “Scandal”. Good combination, right? Great combination. The show is a dark and twisted political drama that executes a twist on Washington that takes back-stabbing corruption to a whole new level of sexy.
Kevin Spacey plays Frank (Francis) Underwood. He begins the show as a congressman from South Carolina. Underwood is not your average congressman, instead he is being considered for the president’s cabinet.
When the job is given to someone else, Underwood goes on a hunt to regain the status he was promised.  With the help of his wife Claire (Robin Wright), Underwood manipulates members of Congress daily to feed into his vengeful plan. Every move he makes is calculated and thought out.
Even his affair with Washington Herald reporter Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) has its political gains and selfish motives.
This is one of Spacey’s best roles yet. Often times, Frank Underwood breaks the fourth wall by turning his head to the camera and delivers an eerily sociopathic speech, which represents his flowing inner monologue.
But “House of Cards” has hit television before.
Netflix shouldn’t say “entirely original” for their star series. In fact, England had a show titled “House of Cards” first. In the ‘90s, in yet another political drama, British star Ian Richardson played a politician in Parliament who had his own corruption to deal with.
The story was filled with just as much political controversy as the newest series, but is loosely similar in story line.
But the American version of “House of Cards” was the first streaming show to ever be nominated for an Emmy in 2013. Robin Wright took home a Golden Globe for her performance in season one.
The entire cast has already signed on for a third season.

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