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Surviving Black Friday

With Thanksgiving break quickly approaching on the calendar, many of us are starting to feel stress in anticipation of our grades at the end of the fall semester. So, rather than use up all that energy from studying for finals and napping on the couch after Thanksgiving dinner, consider utilizing that adrenaline toward getting some early holiday shopping done. Whether you’re an expert shopper or a novice, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind as you embark on the journey through your local mall:

1.) Research ahead of time on where you want to go.

With so many ads and commercials, it’s hard to think of where to go first. But if you’d rather not drive around in circles, strategize and target the prime places to get shopping done quickly and with more efficiency.

2.) Be sure that your coupons aren’t expired.

You don’t want to be the person that holds up the line because you don’t have your coupon book in order.

3.) Take along a trusty companion.

There’s the great concept of divide and conquer, which definitely has a strong standing here. When there are too many people crowding a specific area, break apart and meet up in another part of the store to rejoice over your treasures.

4.) Differentiate between what you want and what you absolutely have to get.

Like many of us, it might become a bit frustrating when that one item you wanted isn’t in stock anymore. So in order to be realistic, have some backup items on your list handy just in case you come across this situation.

5.) Wear comfy clothes.

I know a lot of you ladies out there like to rock some killer heels, but when you’re attempting to sprint to get that last pair of wedge boots, the last thing that you want in the way is your outfit.

6.) Get ready to feel cramped.

Everyone’s trying to get somewhere and stay out of the way, but it’s hard when everyone is stuck in a cramped space. It’s inevitable, so stay strong and stand your ground through it all.

7.) Don’t forget about online shopping.

Since everything is already on the Internet, don’t forget to browse through sites like Amazon or eBay for that special, last

minute deal. This way you get the sale and you get to stay within the safety of your own home. Also, keep “Cyber Monday” on Dec. 2 in mind.

8.) Be patient.

You’re finally in line with all of your purchased goods and ready to check out. Remember that you’re not the only one who had a (hopefully) successful shopping experience. Relax and take a second to breathe as you wait your turn after all that hard work.

9.) Get some rest afterward.

You’ve earned it, champ.

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