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Last Sunday at the Grammys, the song that was on everyone’s lips for the last year won record of the year and propelled Gotye to an award winning artist. “Somebody That I used to Know” also featured a haunting new voice, that of Australian singer Kimbra.

For the most part, Kimbra is still fairly unknown save for her duo with Gotye, but after winning a Grammy, expect to hear more about her. Kimbra’s latest album “Vows” came out in August of 2012, but didn’t make a huge splash in the American market. It is worth a listen, however, because it’s different and interesting compared to the generic pop most artists are producing these days.

The first track, “Settle Down,” is far and away my favorite. It showcases her throaty, soul-filled vocals and penchant accapella introductions and minimal musical accompaniment. It tells the story of a life planned with a lover and wishing to stay together forever. It is simple, bare bones and beautiful.

“Cameo Lover” is another high point on “Vows,” energetic and light but still complex. It’s the kind of love song that makes you actually believe in love. It gives the same vibe that the first few weeks of a relationship have, excitement and butterflies as she asks someone to open his heart to her.

Unlike most pop music, Kimbra brings deep lyrics that are intriguing and enthralling. Unfortunately, this freshman album is just not quite there yet. It could use more variety and a deeper sound. It’s the kind of album that just doesn’t suck you in all the way.

Still, there is a reason she’s collected so much hype. It is that awful P word. Potential. The girl has a cannon of musical ability in her arsenal and the Grammy award is exactly the spark of confidence she needs. Kimbra is heading back into the studio to start on her sophomore album. The individual tracks on the album show promise for an incredible second attempt.


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