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THE EARBUG: Weaver at the Loom

Weaver at the Loom is a unique band comprised of one original member, Dan Smith, who to this day stays true to the identity he created for himself. Past members abandoned the project but stuck around to help Smith produce the EP “I Was Searching and I Found.” With influences from Cold Play, Sigur Ros and Radio Head, WATL stands out from other mainstream ‘alternative’ bands.

I stumbled upon this band on a Pandora station and was immediately blown away by its intricate instrumentals and talented vocals.

Weaver at the Loom just released a new album this past year entitled “Before Now, Was Then,” however, his first EP is my favorite. The blend of rhythms and harmonies creates an easy listening environment. Every title on all five tracks is distinct and has unusual punctuation, and the way the songs are ordered splice together a story. This ironic naming can relate to the title of the band “weaving” together to create a theme within each song. Titles like “Buck Up They’re Coming,” “You Can’t Escape Them,” “You Can’t Evade Them,” “But You Can Enjoy Your Life Here and After” and “Without Fear of Their Return” create an intimate tapestry of the band’s message not to fear challenges but to overcome them.

Along with Smith’s passionate vocals, WATL also features female vocals which occasionally blend with background harmonies that fit so perfectly you wouldn’t even notice a change, adding to the emotion of the songs. A top tune on this EP is “You Can’t Evade Them,” setting the tone for a soothing instrumental with a slow lyric build up to a fast pick up to the chorus.

WATL lyrics give listeners a new perspective on how to view the world.  Take into account that the lyricists are all in their early 20s and the message-packed lyrics are even more impressive. Weaver at the Loom’s music gives people a sense of hope to encounter anything in life. Every word that is sung is filled with passion and sentiment. I recommend this band for all music lovers of any genre to fill their ears with a new sound.


Must listen: “You Can’t Evade Them,” “I Was Searching and I Found”

Study to: “Encyclopedia,” “Before Now”



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