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The Good, The Bad, and the Unknown

Every fall TV season, networks throw an unimaginable number of
shows at viewers, hoping a few will catch on and become the new hot
As hard as the executives try, not everything is good, or even decent.
To help make your fall viewing schedule a little easier, Voice has sorted
through the good and the bad, the ones that will rise to Emmy-winning
glory, and ones that will fade away into the unoriginal abyss.
“Lone Star” (FOX)
“Lone Star” centers around a man named Robert/Bob, who
is living a double life, one married to a sweet, middle class girl
and the other with a rich oil heiress. At this point, the exact plot seems
sketchy, but with a solid cast, it looks promising.
Many critics who have viewed the pilot have already deemed it a cult
hit and have all but guaranteed a short but promising run. It is a high
concept series, one that will warrant a lot of time and effort from the
viewer. Though the lead, James Wolk, is relatively unknown, he charms
his way through the teaser promos, but if his boyish good looks can
carry a whole series remains to be seen.
“Terriers” (FX)
FX has a track record for spewing out creatively odd shows,
ones that should be cliched yet ended up pushing boundaries,
and “Terriers” is probably no different. Why only probably? Because it’s
hard to grasp anything from the brief promos.
What is told? Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James work in
private investigating. Logue plays an ex-cop, and the two of them fight
crime. Though the plot sounds basic, it’s coming from
the mind of “The Shield” creator Shawn Ryan, essentially
guaranteeing its greatness, or at least goodness.
“My Generation” (ABC)
It’s not a new TV season if networks don’t try
and shove some over-processed drama down
the audience’s throats in every possible way. “My
Generation” is that show. From its oddly real Facebook
page, to the way-too-large and wordy yet pointless ads
in Rolling Stone, “My Generation’s” ad campaign is overwhelmingly
pervasive, too much even for a good show.
“My Generation” meets up with a group of students
10 years out of high school documentary-style, who (surprise!)
aren’t all satisfied with their lives. ABC markets
this style as “revolutionary,” though documentary-style
TV shows are hardly a new format (think “The Office,
“Parks and Recreation,” and “Reno-911”), and with a
too-pretty and bland cast to back it up, “My Generation”
seems destined to fail.
“Hawaii Five-0” (CBS)
CBS is looking to premiere a brand-new cop show that will
attempt to stand apart from all of the other less than intelligent
ones that they have developed as their niche. This one is obviously set
in Hawaii so it will surely be featuring scantily clad women who are far
too impressed with the Aussie newcomer Alex O’Loughlin.
This cop drama will focus on character development rather than special
effects and blowing stuff up, presumably because they’ve realized
that audiences don’t watch shows where mean, ugly people blow stuff
“The Event” (NBC)
For conspiracy buffs out there, NBC is presenting a new all
too real scenario complete with a sinister-looking character
working for the government and
a pretty boy trying to save the
day (no, Nancy Pelosi and Aaron
Schock did not make the cut
in this character pairing. Sorry
Obviously there are not many
details about what “the event” is
because then it would be nearly
impossible to string the viewer
along for three or four seasons
talking about the same plot line.
This one is sure to be a hit given“
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