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The Hood Internet brings an audio smash-up to campus

This past Saturday evening’s performance on the Quad was more than just your average show.  It was a collection of Bradley students brought together to dance and have a good time while enjoying a lively performance by The Hood Internet.  For those of you who are unaware of this group, it is a Mash-Up band that works with a lot of hip hop music, putting all kinds of songs together and overlapping them to create a new unique beat to the songs we all know and enjoy.  Their style is what really brought on a great show.  Since most of the music was familiar to the students in attendance, everyone got the opportunity to not only sing, but to jump around and have a great time.

The Hood Internet touched base on a large number of different musicians including Michael Jackson, Ratatat, Wiz Khalifa, MGMT and much more.  The students showed much enthusiasm when they heard some of their favorite songs remixed on top of other popular hip -hop songs.  To some it was a concert, and to others it was just one big dance party.

When I asked students on the Quad that night and the next day about how they felt about it, I got a variety of responses.

Senior psychology and religious studies major Brad Carlson said he found the mash ups to be cool, and really enjoyed the show.

“I think it was different having a concert like that outside,” he said. “The show was an all around success.”

Junior computer information systems major Alex Loebner said he enjoyed the good music and good friends.

“People were partying on the quad,” he said. “It was one successful and energetic outdoor dance party.”

By the end of the evening and the concert, many people were completely satisfied with how they spent their Saturday night here on campus.  And by the time the lights stopped flashing and the music stopped playing, there was one thing that became very clear to me as well as to others who were in attendance.  The Hood Internet proved that you’re never too old to jump around like a fool, wear glow sticks in your shirts and hair, dance, and throw inflatable beach toys around.  They came for a concert, but brought entertainment and an all around good time, approved for all ages.

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