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The Silversun Pickups Band to bring unique sound to Expo Gardens

Few indie bands have made quite the same kind of impact in only a few short years as the Silversun Pickups. 
Even if they are hearkening back to some grungy elements of the ’90s, the Pickups bring enough fresh talent and
 themes to the table to make them a musically legitimate po
The closest genre you could classify The Pickups would be shoegaze. 
Named to describe bands like My Bloody Valentine and several others in the late ’80s, the term comes from describing how the bands typically performed in a detached, almost bored manner. For such loud distorted guitar rock, it was odd to watch a band basically stand on stage “gazing at their shoes.” 
The Pickups, however, put on a fantastic, energy-filled show that differentiates them from their earlier influences. 
The music of the Pickups sounds almost dense, with multiple guitar tracks, but it still remains almost minimalist. Distortion and overdriven guitars contrast heavily with the almost ghostly vocals. 
They sound a lot like the Smashing Pumpkins at moments, but have a more uplifting and optimistic sound. 
After initially getting your ears blasted with multiple layers of overdriven guitars on their first album “Carnivas,” you will immediately notice the otherworldly voice of Brian Aubert. The signature vocal effects of his voice construct a strange childlike sound worthy of being a unique instrument on its own. One moment the song may lead you through a sweet, almost feminine voice, then a gut-wrenching scream during a chorus cuts through to deliver the real emotion. 

“Lazy Eye” was the mega-hit off their first album, with a dr e amy and addictive hook that spirals into a frenzied state as the song’s storyline takes a life of its own. 
The band’s sophomore album, “Swoon” came out this summer and is better in every way. The title of the album is perfect – it exemplifies that immersive feeling put forth by almost every song on the album. The loud parts are louder, the soft parts, more sweet this time around, with an added bonus of a strings section on a few tunes. 
“Panic Switch” and the recently released “Substitution” are the first two singles off the album a n d encapsulate very specific, yet relatable moods. 
The band is coming to Peoria’s Expo Gardens on Wednesday. I’ve seen them live at Lollapalooza and they are definitely worth seeing. The group appreciates its fans and loves a good crowd. 
The Silversun Pickups truly need to be experienced, because you might miss something if you simply give them a casual listen. Songwriter Aubert is that artsy kid in the corner of the crowded room, one day hoping to shyly reveal his poetry to the girl of his dreams. Paired with harmonizing female bassist Nikki Monninger, the pair produces an eerie but beautiful beast that equally snarls and croons its love songs. 
Their music is intricately layered, and you can pick out the multiple guitar tracks and appreciate each one in its own way where they build up to be “just on the right side of the white noise.” 
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