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TV Couples to make Your Valentine’s Day

Every Valentine’s Day, the world annoints the cutest couples. We, however, would rather talk about the couples that make televison worth watching — for better or worse.

A Liz Lemon and Floyd (“30 Rock”)

Sure, their relationship lasted a short three episodes, but the courtship between the constantly stressed Liz Lemon and “law stylist” Floyd really worked for the first season of “30 Rock.” Plus, Floyd still has Lemon’s key. Here’s to hoping viewers can meet the Floydster again.

A Michael Bluth and Maggie Lizer (“Arrested Development”)

It’s hard to pick out one of the many women that have complicated Michael Bluth’s life, but only the lying prosecutor Maggie Lizer has managed to do it twice. Whether it was pretending to be blind to win juries’ sympathy, using a blind dog as her pretend seeing eyed dog or faking a pregnancy, Maggie has been a constant thorn in Michael’s side. Then again, she did help set the record.

A Charlie Kelly and The Waitress (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”)

Sure, they’re not together, and yeah, she kinda hates him, but we can always root for Charlie to maybe someday get with the girl of his dreams. He did give her ex-fiance a box of hornets, so that has to get him some points.

A Padma Lakshmi and Food (“Top Chef”)

Anyone who’s watched “Top Chef” has been subjected to Padma’s incoherent rambling reactions to the various high-quality products placed in front of her. However, we all know the truth. Padma has a love of food that manifests in her unbelievable excitement upon sitting down in front of a plate. Plus her orgasmic facial expressions upon trying everything from foie gras to a cucumber gazpacho speak of a love that will never die.

A Barney and his ladies (“How I Met Your Mother”)

Ted’s constant struggle to find his true love is what draws viewers in, and his best friends Marshall and Lily are vomit-inducing, but adorable. The best relationship on “How I Met Your Mother” doesn’t come from either of these standard pairs. Instead, it stems from playboy Barney and his infamous love for women. Whether or not Barney’s romantic shenanigans will help him find the woman of his dreams is debatable, but in the meantime, it’s the legendary pairing worth watching every week.

A Turk and JD (“Scrubs”)

Long before Paul Rudd and Jason Segal made bromances cool in “I Love You Man,” JD and Turk were playing games of find the Saltine, serenading each other with songs such as “Guy Love” and riding matching Vespas. While the new generation of “Scrubs” may be killing the legacy of this underrated gem, the bromance between JD and Turk will live on forever.

A Dwight and Angela (“The Office”)

Jim and Pam may be cute, but the hidden love affair between Dwight and Angela is much cooler. Their relationship was based around an unusually awesome mixture of charming moments and odd physical encounters. Even though their relationship came to an untimely halt, anytime a relationship can end in a duel, it’s a win.

A Chelsea Handler and Chuy (“Chelsea Lately”)

For those consumed in the constant late night battle, the best place to look for entertainment is on E!. Handler pushes the comedy envelop every night and is much more risque than her male counterparts. What really makes the show is her relationship with her sidekick Chuy, a little Latino nugget. The two playfully banter back and forth yet still stand up for each other when the time comes.

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