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Two big artists are expected to provide powerful performance

The wait is almost over.

The highly anticipated Jason Derulo and Mike Posner concert is nearly upon us. The two R&B artists will be performing Tuesday in the Renaissance Coliseum.

Derulo is well known for his hit “Whatcha Say,” the catchy single that reached number one on the pop chart in 2009, and his latest hits “What If” and “The Sky’s the Limit” are quickly on the rise.

His soulful singing and amorous lyrics combined with heavy and infectious production have made Derulo a very popular R&B singer of late. It’s hard to go into a club, bar or a party and not hear a song of his being played.

He sings well and is backed by good beats, and his lyrics play on the lighter side of people’s emotions, turning him into one of the newest heartthrobs in pop music.

Although his popularity is recent, Derulo is no amateur when it comes to the music game. The Florida-born Haitian was busy on the music scene long before his hits came out. He has been writing songs for many famous performers including P. Diddy, Sean Kingston and Lil’ Wayne since he was 16, but his intention has always been to be a solo performer.

With the success of “Whatcha Say,” his debut album “Jason Derulo” and his ability to consistently produce Billboard Hot 100 hits, it’s safe to say Derulo has reached his goal with flying colors.

In addition to Jason Derulo, Bradley has snagged Mike Posner to perform with him. Posner, a member of the Sigma Nu fraternity, is an up-and-coming pop/hip-hop artist  most known for his hit single “Cooler Than Me.” The single reached the number six spot on the pop chart.

His other hits include “Please Don’t Go” and his latest collaboration with Lil’ Wayne “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” is all about setting the mood right.

Like Derulo, most of Posner’s music revolves around more romantic subject material. The combination of singing and a pop/hip-hop feel give him a style that has caused his popularity to grow rapidly in the past year.

He released his second mix tape in March 2009 while attending Duke University, scoring him a record deal with J Records. Nevertheless, Posner returned to Duke to finish his degree in sociology, while performing on weekends and recording his debut album, ultimately graduating with a 3.6 GPA.

These two young talented artists are set to cross paths at Bradley on April 12, for what should be a great collaboration. The combination of both artists’ sensual styles and feel-good vibe, coupled with their popularity should make for quite the show Tuesday.

With two of the newest, biggest voices in mainstream music performing together in Peoria, Bradley University is in for a good night.

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