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Voice fills the Bradley bucket list

Originally published in the October 22, 2010 issue

Bucket lists are a common thing for someone to make, compiling together all the awesomely outrageous things you have to do before you die, no matter how trivial or life changing they may be. To live your college experience to the fullest, the Bradley University Alumni Association assembled a list of 10 things to do before graduation.

1.    Get Involved – join clubs and organizations
2.    Study abroad
3.    Experience/Explore Peoria
4.    Get an Internship
5.    Support the Braves – attend athletic events
6.    Attend Late Night BU
7.    Eat at the Ice Cream Shack
8.    Get to know your professors
9.    Use the Smith Career Center
10.   Network with faculty, staff and alumni

While this list certainly meets all the qualifications for a good college life, some parts are a little vague, and there’s definitely a lot missing. To fill the void, we at the Scout decided to make our own Bradley Bucket List.

1.    Make a late night Bacci’s run
The idea of Bacci’s midday is stomach- churningly awful. Nothing about it ever fills any craving, and even when consumed late at night, you’ll often be left with a feeling of regret. But at the right time, there is nothing more satisfying than eating a slice of pizza that could wrap around your head and tasting it for hours after the fact.
2.    Walk down Farmington Road
This could easily be postponed until Senior Walk, but what’s the fun in that? By then, you should be a professional at making the walk to the strip of bars that occupies Farmington Road. Once you complete the hike, the buzz you get from completing it will be much greater than the one you get from the actual bars.
3.    Work as a nude model for the art department
It’s college. Why not? They pay.
4.    Climb the Markin rock wall
As far as physical activity goes, the rock wall is a fun and interesting way to get in a workout. Even if you have zero experience rock climbing, the wall is a great place to start.
5.    Pull an all-nighter
Even if you love your beauty sleep and want to avoid this, you won’t be able to do it. There will be the paper you forgot about, the test that requires a minimum of 24 hours to understand or the entire project you have to completely make up. You might also be a procrastinator, in which case all-nighters are probably your specialty. 
6.    Watch the sunrise at Grand View Drive
Nothing says romance like a beautiful sunset, but even if you’re riding solo after pulling that all-nighter, watching the sun rise at Grand View Drive is a must see. Teddy Roosevelt once called it the world’s most beautiful drive. 
7.    Get in the Scout
Whether you write a story and get a byline, give a quote for an interview or anonymously make your way into the police reports, it’s hard to make it through all four years without making it into the paper. Shameless self-promotion? Probably. Regardless, waking up on a Friday morning and seeing your name (or description) in the paper is a good feeling.
8.    Walk down Main Street
Just because you can complete a walk down Farmington doesn’t make you a professional. Making a pre-Senior Walk trek down Main Street is the true test of a Bradley student. It’s not necessarily one to check off by yourself, but after you finish it, you’ll feel proud since it’s not an easy trek back up it.
9.    Make a late night La Bamba run
The Mexican equivalent of Bacci’s, La Bamba will never sit well after the fact. Filling yourself with greasy burritos and tacos certainly tastes delicious when the moment strikes.
10.    Experience Big Al’s.
Enough said.

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