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VOICE picks The Oscars

For anyone who is a hardcore movie buff or ritualistically watches Martin Scorsese, the Oscars is the ultimate award show.

It is a professional event that gives credit to the innovative actors and actresses who captivate us day in and day out. However, it is also an event that makes its spectators smile, grimace or even well up with tears.

While I don’t plan on necessarily expressing these emotions, at least publically, I will inevitably have some animosity toward some undeserving winners, and gratitude for the ones who earned the top spot.

Best Picture

Projected Winner: “Inglorious Basterds”

It’s been a while since Quentin Tarantino released a film as brutally violent, intoxicatingly fresh and compelling as “Inglorious Basterds.”

Though he has made many films since then, “Pulp Fiction” was his last truly meaningful film because of its unique storytelling, well-developed characters and an ingenious plot.

“Inglorious Basterds” brings all that nostalgia back with a film that not only exceeds “Pulp Fiction” in almost every way but also introduces a whole slew of diverse characters that make this movie an instant classic. Brad Pitt and Christoph Waltz do a magnificent job portraying the vengeful sergeant and the cleverly sadistic Nazi known as the “Jew-Hunter.”

The story is seemingly outrageous but also displays an interesting take on how the war would have changed if these ruthless characters been present. Hopefully, this film will get the credit it deserves because it is not only one of Tarantino’s best films yet but also the best picture of the year.


Projected Winner: James Cameron

While I wasn’t a huge fan of “Avatar’s” predictable story and lackluster acting, I was very impressed with how balanced the progression was from scene to scene.

Sure, the plot was a little over the top, but it was the way Cameron spaced out the scenes of boring dialogue and action sequences that made the film better than it should have been.

Why he chose to direct a film like this I’ll never know, but what is apparent is how Cameron was able to turn a gorgeous mess into something resembling an enjoyable film. That alone is no small feat.

Actor in a Leading Role

Projected Winner: George Clooney

“Up In the Air,”about a man who travels the country, firing people for a liking, has elements of both a predictable chick flick and a well-developed comedy .

Clooney captivates his audience in this role by being a by-the-books employee who takes an unusual pleasure in his work, a man in a complicated relationship with a colleague and a likeable father figure who gives advice based on his own experiences.

All of this is portrayed perfectly by Clooney, and it proves he is still capable of making ladies fall in love with him and guys want to be him.

Actress in a Leading Role

Projected winner: Sandra Bullock

Although it’s been a while since Bullock has been in the spotlight, her absence has had no effect on her acting capabilities in “The Blind Side.” She stars as a well-to-do southern mother who takes in a struggling teenager from the projects.

From the moment Bullock takes in her newfound son, it becomes apparent she is determined to make his life better no matter how it affects her.

It is absolutely inspiring to see Bullock’s character do so much for someone she barely knows.

From beginning to end, Bullock perfectly displays this role until the end of the film, showing us that a caring, encouraging mother can make all the difference in the world.

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