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Voice Sets the Mood for Your Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day coming up this Tuesday, here are ten great romantic movies to enjoy as a couple.

“(500) Days of Summer” – A manic pixie dream girl meets a Zach Braffian manic depressive and guess what? They fall in love. Except they don’t. I don’t really know.

“An Education” – “An Education” is a coming-of-age story featuring a pedophile pursuing a 16-year-old cello player. Perfect for a romantic Valentine’s evening.

“Blue Valentine” – Two people fall in love then hate, beat, and awkwardly have sex with each other. An almost abortion, a dog dying in the first five minutes and domestic violence makes for a lovely film experience.

“Serious Moonlight” – Crazy woman ties up her husband after she discoveres he’s leaving her. Then she gets tied up by a robber. Then his mistress gets tied up with them. Interested?

“Audition” – Some guys are just looking for a beautiful loving wife. Some girls are just looking for a guy to torture, burn with acid and humiliate. It’s perfect for gals and guys alike.

“Good Dick” – Hey ladies, you know when you rent porn from Family Video and that hot guy is always working behind the counter? Maybe you should open up to him about your dislike of sex and fear of commitment.

“Shopgirl” – A woman has to choose between a rich old guy or a poor young guy. This is a rich untread territory for a film and I’m sure its deeply original story will grip you.

“The Ugly Truth” – A sexist guy meets  a woman who can’t date anyone. They argue about if relationships can work. Guess what happens in the end?

“Annie Hall” – A neurotic, Oedipally obsessed guy meets a progressive, attractive Brooklynite. An inability to snort cocaine or cook a lobster and weird sex fantasies are sure to set the mood for the evening

“You’ve Got Mail” – Two people who despise each other in real life fall in love by e-mailing each other. That’s it. Can you feel the magic? Can you?

Alright, these might not be the best suggestions for your romantic evening. Have a happy Valentine’s Day, whatever you choose to do.

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