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Voice Taste Test: Novelty Halloween Treats

It would be nice to say Halloween is about the fun of dressing up, hanging out with friends and watching horror movies. 
However, that’s a lie. Halloween is about candy. 
Buying jumbo bags of fun-size Snickers has long been the standard way to provide treats at a party, but this year, it might be best to step out of the box and try something new. 
Recently, Voice subjected the rest of the Scout staff to a taste test of some slightly more obscure and strange Halloween candies. Although some of them may not have gone over well, others prove that there may be some good stuff out there not covered in chocolate and peanut butter. 
Gummi Body Parts 
What It Is: The Gummi Body Parts were slightly flesh-colored pieces of gummi stuff with a kind of fruity taste. A red, sort of bloody looking chunk was on each piece. The parts came in ears, fingers, teeth and feet. 
The Verdict: For the most part, the staff thought they were OK. Several people commented on the candy’s odd smell, and a few people thought they were too sweet to eat more than a couple. 
“This is a sorry excuse for an ear.” 
“It smells like something I shouldn’t be eating.” 
“These are actually pretty good.” 
“Now I’m nervous to try anything else.” 
Test Tube with Gummi Body Parts 
What It Is: A plastic test tube filled with syrupy goo. Suspended inside are gummi eyeballs, brains or a finger. 
The Verdict: The biggest problem with this candy was figuring out the proper way to consume it. The goo was really thick, and the pieces inside of it were not particularly easy to eat or remove. Other than that, the tasters generally enjoyed it, although it was very sweet. 
“If it wasn’t so awkward to get to, it would be really good.” 
“It tastes like cleaning product, but in a really good way!” 
“The goo is good. It’s sour, but it’s good.” 
“It’s like Elmer’s glue found a delicious flavor.” 
“I feel like this is one of those closet snacks that you wouldn’t want to eat in front of people. It’s a guilty pleasure.” 
Ghoulery Box 
What It Is: This truly novel candy was a gummi finger with a candy cigarette as a sort of bone on the inside. A ring pop shaped like a skull fit around the finger. 
The Verdict: Nothing good was said about this candy. The comments should speak for themselves. The ring pop was less of a disappointment, though. 
“Oh God, the fingernail was awful.” 
“Can I spit this out?” 
“Truly one of the worst things I have ever tasted.” 
“I need a gummi test tube just to get the taste out of my mouth.” 
“This [the ring pop] looks like the thing from ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple. Olmec!” 
“It doesn’t really taste like anything. It tastes like air.” 
Gummi Snake 
What It Is: A giant rubber feeling snake. It looks more like a kid’s toy and less like something that you would want to put in your mouth. 
The Verdict: According to testers, it wasn’t horrible. That’s about the highest compliment it got. 
“It tastes kind of like plastic once you chew through the outer layer.” 
“That is vile.” 
“It kinda tastes good.” 
Pumpkin Pops 
What It Is: Orange-flavored suckers with an iced pumpkin on them. The intent is to tattoo the pumpkin onto your tongue 
The Verdict: The suckers taste exactly how you would imagine them to, vaguely orange. However, the pumpkin did amazingly tatttoo on one tester’s tongue. 
“It tastes like orange soda.” 
“It’s pretty standard, I guess.” 
Punch IVs 
What It Is: Plastic medical bags hold neon colored liquid labeled “Monster Slime” and “Bloody Punch.” 
The Verdict:It was disgusting. The liquid was sickeningly sweet and unbelievably sour. 
“So this is what monster slime tastes like…” 
“I can’t imagine a situation where you would want to drink this.” 
“Ugh, that was awful.” 
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