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Weatherize your closet without loosing summer favorites

As you head home for fall break, you’ll have a great opportunity to switch out your summer clothes for winter and weatherize your closet. But don’t worry about loosing your favorite pieces, there are a few easy ways to get a few more months from your fashion favorites.

There is absolutely no reason to ditch your summer dresses this fall season, especially when a college student’s budget is fixed. My recommendation is to keep the dresses with patterns in darker colors and hit right at the knee and longer. It’s those pieces that will be easy to work into your fall wardrobe.  Once you have your dresses, bring out your tights.  They will keep you warm during those chilly fall days while adding an autumn element to your outfit.

I think the challenge of dressing for the changing seasons is to ease into the next season without looking like you’ve taken the leap too quickly out of the one that’s going.  One of the biggest challenges is finding the right weather-appropriate jacket.  Please fashionistas, do not bring hiking gear off the mountain (yes North Face jacket, I am referring to you).  With the million adorable fall jackets you could pick, why choose your hiking fleece? “Camper-chic” just isn’t a term in the fashion dictionary. Instead, look for my favorite coat to wear from summer to fall: a military-inspired jacket.  They are so easy to pair over anything and give you that cool-girl edge.  Another one of my favorites is the always-perfect leather jacket.  This season is all about leather, and a motorcycle distressed leather jacket is one piece everyone needs to invest in.

And what about my dressy black shorts? I feel like almost every girl has some pair of them, your black (or any color) silk flowy shorts. Regardless of how sexy your shorts are, shivering while wearing them in the winter is anything but. Make a classic pair of black shorts fall and winter-ready with the addition of opaque tights. Just like with the summer dresses, the addition of tights will stretch the wear-time of your favorite shorts.  I’m also really into polka-dotted tights and textured tights; they add an element of flair to a regular outfit and won’t break the bank.

So fear not fashionistas, hopefully these tips will help you see how easy it is to take summer into fall!

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