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What’s your favorite Scary movie scout staff?

In celebration of our Halloween issue, The Voice asked our fellow Scout staffers the loaded question…”What’s your favorite scary movie?” From gory slashers to psychological freak-out inducers, it turns out The Scout loves a good scare. If you’re looking for a good horror movie for your marathon, check out any one of our favorites!


Silence of the Lambs– “It puts the lotion on its skin. Enough said.”
– Heather Swick, Editor-in-Chief

The Ring– “It was the first scary movie I saw without my parents consent and that night I slept with the lights on.” -Madeline Gregory, Managing Editor

The Grudge– “This was one of the first scary movies I saw, and the first scene is something I’ll always be scared of.” – Vickie Berkow, News Editor

Identity– “Because John Cusack is a badass in it. No other reason.”
– Gretchen Wolking, Copy Editor

The Strangers– “There is nothing more nerve-wracking when strangers come in your home!”
– Alex Gray, Staff Reporter

Paranormal Activity– “It totally freaks you out in the theater, but its fictional enough that I could still sleep when I got home.” – Shannon McKenzie, Staff Reporter

Saw– “I just like watching people get chopped up.”

– Alex Ross, Sports Editor

The Strangers– “Never has a scary movie felt so real.” – Bobby Nightengale, Assistant Sports Editor

Halloween (1979)– “I love how simple and scary the filming and soundtrack were. There was minimum blood and guts but maximum suspense.”
– David Israel, Sports Writer

Scream– “I love this movie because it’s just the right mix of scary and campy. It’s a fun romp through the genre.” – Kristina Puerto, Voice Editor

A Nightmare on Elm Street– “Freddy Krueger is the best horror villain: PERIOD.”
– Bahnt Freiberger, Assistant Voice Editor

A Tale of Two Sisters– “Most scary movies give me cheap thrills and I can usually forget about it once it’s over but this one, with it’s strange plot twists and disturbing imagery, left me scratching my head long after the credits were rolling!”
– Ashley Havens, Photo Editor

The Others– “There is something to be said about the terror in the absence of sound.”
-Kiley Little, Design Editor

The Number 23– “Jim Carey’s development as an actor and a character in this is fantastic.”
– Matt Guerra, Graphics Editor


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