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Williams Lets the Music Ride Out

If it isn’t obvious that Josiah Williams has earned his stripes in the spotlight yet, it’s time for Bradley’s rising star to make one of his biggest debuts to date.
It’s been a big year for Williams so far. All of Bradley and the Peoria area saw his uplifting spirit in Bradley’s official music video, which welcomed in the class of 2017. He also had the chance to open up for Chance the Rapper (one of Chicago’s biggest acts) and Nashville’s Chancellor Warhol at Brave Sound’s Welcome Week Jam.
On Nov. 11, Josiah Williams will release his second installment of “The Monday After.” There has been much buzz around campus over this theater major’s clear talent. At just 21, Williams blends spoken word, soul and R&B, which is reminiscent of Chris Brown and Drake.
As people are throwing out remixes to some of music’s most popular hits, Williams is taking it one step further with his cross-genre mash ups. This Milwaukee-born Bradley student has taken the new wheel in hip-hop and is positively killing it. In August he released free mixes that will also be added to his upcoming album. On Josiah’s new album, he blends his uniquely strong rap verses with big acts like Imagine Dragons and Lorde on his mixes of “Radioactive” and “Royals.”
“This mix tape is a complete package. Each download comes with the official 14 tracks, a few bonus songs, a digital booklet and much more,” Williams said.  “I really wanted to show my supporters how much I appreciate them by giving them more with this collection. So, I’m most excited for people to explore the contents of their free download.”
Williams is one of the most humble performers I’ve had a chance to see. I couldn’t even count how many times “thank you” leaves this rising stars mouth. If you don’t believe me, take a listen. It couldn’t be more evident on great tracks like, “You Got me There.” Williams has figured out the true key to success: understand how to keep a solid head and put on a great show.
My favorite track off the upcoming album is called, “Cold Water Guitar.” Williams wears his emotions on his sleeve and anyone can resonate with this “poetic cancer.” I have to recognize his talent to bring a unique melody together with great lyricism. This hip-hop artist captivates fans all over the University, with stories of relationships, love and personal struggle. He tells his story in an honest way that so few can.
There’s a certain class to William’s style on tracks like, “Our Night Out” and “Purple Chillz.” His old school sounds with a hint of upbeat dance music is too much fun to pass on. I encourage everyone to keep this kid on their radar. Talent like this does not go unseen for long. Just take advice from the man himself and “let that music ride out” on Nov. 11.

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