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Alternatives to partying on Halloween 

Halloween is the one holiday that encourages people to indulge in creative costumes, fantastic frights and all things spooky. For many college students, attending parties is a fun way to celebrate. 

Of course, partying isn’t for everyone. If you’d rather partake in at-home festivities, here are some alternatives to enjoy this Halloweekend. 

The easiest and most stereotypical activity is a scary movie marathon. Between timeless classics and franchises like “Halloween,” “Scream” or “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” or recently released films, there are plenty of selections to choose from.

If you enjoy the terrors and frights of the Halloween season, consider visiting haunted houses. There are several options in or around Peoria, including Spook Hollow, Bartonville Haunted Infirmary and Spider Hill Haunted Attractions. 

However, if you aren’t the biggest fan of being scared, a light-hearted Halloween activity can involve going to look at Halloween decorations. You can drive around surrounding neighborhoods and towns to see how people have chosen to decorate for the holiday. 

If you have a sweet tooth, you can satiate it with candies. There are a variety of Halloween-themed treats including ghost-shaped Dots, pumpkin-shaped Reese’s, witches brew Kit Kats and more. Halloween is the perfect excuse to buy a bag of your favorites. 

On that note, you can also make Halloween-themed dishes or desserts, which can be a fulfilling individual or group activity. Some dishes include mummified hot dogs, which are hot dogs wrapped in crescent dough with mustard or ketchup for eyes. There are white chocolate covered pretzels you can decorate to look like ghosts and brownies that can be cut out into the shape of coffins.

You also don’t need to go to parties to dress up. You can plan costumes with friends or a partner and have an Instagram-worthy photo op. If you haven’t picked up a costume, you can always put something together from your closet. 

Another option is to play spooky board games. A popular choice is the slew of murder mystery adventures. “Clue” is a classic option where up to six players try to figure out the who, what and where of a mansion murder. “Mysterium” is another well-known game where a group of psychic investigators are called in to solve the mystery of the Warwick Manor ghost.

Halloween trivia is another game night possibility. Whether played in the style of “Jeopardy!” or “Heads Up!” you can have a hilariously sinister evening. 

Whether you’re on the dance floor at a party, in bed watching scary movies, making chilling desserts or playing detective for the night, there is something for everyone this Halloweekend.

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