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Fundraising for student organizations

As students return to campus after spring break, several student organizations, fraternities and sororities are gearing up to fundraise for various causes. 

From an organizer’s standpoint, it is important to keep in mind ways to increase excitement about raising money for a cause.

While the classic bake sale is always a go to, most students are not interested in buying pies or other desserts early in the morning. On the other hand, cute and cuddly animals on the quad such as dogs, cats or even goats might bring in more attention and are comforting on days packed with classes and other responsibilities.

Other creative ideas for fundraising include dunk tanks, pie throwing and water balloon fights.

Fundraising is also a great way to showcase different cultures on campus. For example, many multicultural sororities and fraternities have done fundraisers featuring food from their culture to share with Bradley’s student body. 

If you choose to fundraise on your own, consider what you are passionate about. Research organizations you wish to help or be a part of. Think about how their campaign can be both impactful to you and to others in your life. You do not need to be directly affected by a cause to want to spread awareness and do your part to aid others.

One tip to keep in mind is to be as outgoing as possible when raising money. However, do not pressure people to buy things or support the cause. That is rude, entitled and not a respectful and considerate way to fundraise. Maintain a positive attitude and kindly ask people as they walk by if they would like to participate in the sale or whatever activity is planned.

Don’t take it personally if someone walks by without stopping or can’t participate in your event. Many students are on their way to class or are similarly busy. Just continue being friendly and remember your overall goal: raising money and being a bright spot on campus.

Speaking of participation, if you are a potential contributor rather than an organizer, don’t feel the need to stop at every booth or table you come across. Nevertheless, going to support friends or a cause that you care about still matters. 

Overall, whether you are hosting a fundraiser or contributing to one, it can be very fulfilling, and even one donation can make a difference.

Remember, participating in fundraisers is supposed to be fun. Wouldn’t you want permission to throw a pie in someone’s face? Better yet, wouldn’t you be cheered up by petting some cute animals? If you have the time and spare cash, donate when you can.

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