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Taking care of yourself while sick on campus

Each year around this time, you may start to notice your classmates coughing and sniffling or you might be experiencing cold symptoms yourself.

It’s crucial for students, especially freshmen who are on their own for the first time, to know how to stay healthy on campus. While some tips go without saying, here are some ways to take care of yourself while sick.

To prevent a cold, ensure that you’re practicing proper handwashing techniques. That means washing your hands for at least 20 seconds. If there is no bathroom around for you to wash your hands, it can be beneficial to carry around a pocket hand sanitizer to use before and after eating.

To prevent spreading germs, it’s important to cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough. It is always great to mask up in classes and large gatherings to avoid spreading your cold just like we did when COVID was at its peak.

It is also important if you have roommates to tell them if you are sick. You spend lots of time in close quarters with them and it is common courtesy to notify them when you are not feeling well so they are aware of their own symptoms.

If you are experiencing multiple symptoms, especially a fever, it is okay to not go to class. If you communicate with your professors about your health, they will understand if you take a day off. It is better to miss one day of classes to recuperate rather than struggle through a week of classes.

When you are feeling better but still a tiny bit sick, such as suffering from a runny nose, it is important to carry tissues because most classrooms do not have them on hand.

Some resources found on or near campus to help you recover are the POD and CVS. The POD, which is located in the student center, carries both soup and medicine, which are helpful remedies when you are suffering from a cold. The CVS in Campustown also carries those items and you are able to use QuickCash there.

As always, if you are unwell, you can call health services located in Markin Center 101 and get checked out by one of the on-campus physicians.

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