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Highlighting female-led organizations and celebrating women on Bradley’s campus

As we head into Women’s History Month, there are a variety of ways for women on Bradley’s campus to come together, celebrate each other’s achievements and offer personal and academic support to each other while sharing various interests.

Clubs like Fighting Pretty, Her Campus, Women Who Empower and GRLGMRS are all great resources for women to find community and feel empowered on campus.

Fighting Pretty is a new chapter of the global non-profit of the same name. The organization’s mission is to help local women battling cancer feel beautiful by creating pretty packages to be delivered to them. The packages include items such as makeup and skin care products. Bradley’s chapter of Fighting Pretty is currently working to raise money for the pretty packages.

Her Campus is also an extension of a larger organization. It is an online women’s magazine that encourages women to write about anything and everything. Article topics range from movie reviews to real-world news stories. 

Women Who Empower host fun and stress-relieving events that serve to bring women together. Examples of past meetings include a yoga session, game night, roller skate party, a study brunch and an empowerment workshop.

GRLGMRS is a new club on campus that is, as the name suggests, for girl gamers. You don’t have to be at any particular proficiency level to join, and it’s advertised as a positive and inclusive organization where women can gather to game in a judgment-free environment. 

Many other clubs and organizations will also host seminars geared toward women. On March 6, the Health Science Organization is hosting a talk by Assistant Professor Patricia Starkey who will speak on the importance of pelvic floor physical therapy and its connection to women’s health. This is incredibly important because a lot of times grade school health class does not teach young women crucial aspects of their wellbeing.

Empowerment can come in all forms, and attending women’s sports events is a great way to support other women on campus. In general, it is common for attendance to be higher at men’s sporting events than women’s. Taking a trip to cheer on the women’s basketball team can uplift the players and show school spirit, and there’s only a couple more chances to do it. 

This month is for everyone to shine a spotlight on women and all of the things they are doing on Bradley’s campus to create safe, supportive spaces on campus.

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