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Staying safe on and off campus

Over the past couple of weeks, Peoria has seen a spike in crime, both downtown and near Bradley’s campus. In light of these events, here are some ways to stay safe on and off campus.

One way to combat car break-ins around campus is to park in well-lit and busy areas, given that many of the incidents have occurred in the alleys or driveways of off-campus houses.

Drivers can also invest in a steering wheel lock. These devices are a great way to prevent your car from getting stolen. The lock acts as a barrier in the wheel, making it difficult, if not impossible, to steer the car normally in the event that the car is broken into. Most importantly, make sure that your vehicle is locked at all times and refrain from leaving any valuables inside.

Being prepared to respond to gun violence is also important. If you hear gunshots, see an armed individual near you or become aware of another danger, remember the protocol: run, hide, fight. If you’re able to run to a safe building or location, do so immediately and hide.

Once hidden, try to use furniture to create a barricade between yourself and any exits in the room. Shut off any lights and stay silent. Don’t leave your safe spot until law enforcement says the danger has passed.

When running or hiding aren’t options, the next step to protect yourself and others around you is to fight. Grab anything that can be used to defend yourself against the assailant.

There are emergency blue light telephones located around campus. Pushing the red button on the phone will connect you to a City of Peoria Enhanced 9-1-1 dispatcher; pressing “0” will connect you to the BUPD dispatch center.

It’s more than understandable that a rise in crime can make students experience heightened anxiety. The Bradley Counseling Center is located in Markin Room 52. Having a support system during stressful times is always important for staying safe and having a shoulder to lean on.

For more information on how to be safe on campus, check out the BUPD website.


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