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Suns out, funs out

With the warm weather arriving on Bradley’s campus, students are flocking to the quads to soak up the sun. 

Currently, the weather has fluctuated between the 70’s and 80’s and students are, and should be taking advantage of it. Sitting out on picnic blankets, hammocks or the red chairs that Bradley supplies for students are just a few ways to enjoy the sun. Being in the sun is proven to help you sleep better, reduce stress and increase energy, all of which are vital for college students at this point in the semester. 

Olin Quad has just enough shade and WiFi for students to complete their assignments outside with friends instead of being cooped up in a dorm room or in the library. Alumni Quad, on the other hand, is perfect for hanging up hammocks to lounge in during free time in between classes. It’s also a great place to relax, unwind and get away from the stress every college student endures, if only for a little while. 

The warm weather is also a great opportunity for those that like to stay active and gather some friends and dust off the old football or perhaps catch some air with a gentle toss of the frisbee. 

There are also not a lot of nice weather months while we are here on campus so when the sun is out, it’s good to try and appreciate it while we can before it gets cold once more. 

Believe it or not, Peoria also has many opportunities to truly immerse yourself in nature. Going on long walks or hikes with some friends can be a great way to take your mind off all those end of the year projects. Some notable trail paths and parks near Bradley are the ones in Laura Bradley Park and downtown along the riverfront. 

If hiking isn’t your thing there are also other various activities to try like Wildlife Prairie Park, the Peoria Zoo, Luthy Botanical Gardens and, most obviously, Grandview Drive. 

In Downtown Peoria there is also Dozer Park, home to the Peoria Chiefs minor league baseball team. Whether you want to actually watch the game or take in all of the entertaining, and occasionally odd, sights of minor league baseball for under $20, it’s a great option. 

With warmer weather returning, multiple festivals, events and farmers markets happening in and around the city have either begun or are right around the corner.

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