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To reach your goal, you can’t be seated on the sidelines

As the entrepreneurial mindset has taken center stage this week with Bradley’s Big Idea Competition returning, The Scout invites others to get up from the bench and chase the end goal they dream about.

Very few individuals have achieved their coveted goals by sitting still and letting things come to them. Time after time, we have been shown that to reach great heights, you must work tirelessly at it. With consistent hard work, connections and maybe a snippet of luck, your goals are no more than a reality waiting to be ushered in.

Luckily for you, Bradley offers a wide-range of choices to plan your route forward.

Whether you’re building a company’s brand or your own brand – an important step in chasing that coveted goal in the age of social media and technology – feel welcomed to speak with your favorite professors on campus. Oftentimes, these seasoned veterans have the right tools to point you in the right direction while asking engaging questions about your true desire. Many Bradley professors frequently are able to help set soon-to-be graduates up for jobs after graduation.

Your peers, believe it or not, can be another good source of information as you explore options. After all, these people often see you at your highest and lowest and a bit more personally than a professor may. Ask them if a certain goal is a suitable path for you to take and see what they say. Maybe they’ll even want to join you along the way or they can be a connection that helps you down the road.

When you do decide to move forward and chase success, don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. An entrepreneurial mindset doesn’t come naturally so take some risks and see what works for you. You can join a club that shares an interest of yours, or attend the various guest speakers that visit campus with experience in all sorts of fields. They too can often be beacons of light that can shine the path forward for you to take.

As you rack up internships and complete trials over the course of your Bradley career, don’t be afraid to continue to gain knowledge at each step. 

Even if you’re a Bradley student and things don’t go as planned in your young career, you shouldn’t be afraid if your best laid plans fall flat. In fact, there’s no better time in your life to fail – except for a test of course –, than when you are young. 

The sidelines are comfy and don’t require much action, but don’t hesitate to get up off the bench and check into the game. It’s time to take control of your destiny.

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