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A night of roasts and jokes with Cody Ko and Noel Miller

Kaboom! was roasted by Cody Ko and Noel Miller. Screenshot provided by Mallory Clark

YouTube stars Cody Ko and Noel Miller had a packed Zoom call of over 300 users for their Q&A session hosted by ACBU on Monday. The event was filled with laughs, jokes and the roasting of a few Bradley students.

Abby Peterson, junior marketing major and president of ACBU, has been dreaming of this event since her time at Bradley began.

“My freshman year, being on ACBU, I reached out to their agent because I really like Cody and Noel and I knew a lot of people on campus liked them … but their price was too high for us to just do a normal event,” Peterson said. “Now that I am the president, we were able to request some more money for the event.”

Peterson expected this event to be very successful and heard that students were excited. However, she’s found through past ACBU events that it’s hard to get people to log on after a day full of online classes.

“If it is an artist that people actually like and care about, then it is actually worthwhile for them [students] to log back in,” Peterson said.

On the night of the event, Peterson began by asking Ko and Miller various questions about their lives and careers. Things were off to a great start until Miller mixed up where Bradley is located, bringing confused looks from many students.

“Now we are in the biggest slumber party in all of Pennsylvania,” Miller said.

Peterson asked what Ko and Miller’s favorite orders at Culver’s were, revealing that the guests had never heard of the restaurant. After looking up its website, Ko had some jokes to make about the menu.

“I love a place that sells a good fish sandwich as well as ice cream,” Ko said.

After the Q&A, the event transitioned to a roast session, where Ko and Miller responded to images that students submitted. Bradley’s mascot Kaboom! got hit the hardest.

“I’ll never get over the fact that this is your (vulgarity) mascot,” Miller said. “This is like an 8-year-old’s Halloween costume. This is … children’s nightmare.”

Ko also had some opinions about Kaboom!.

“You couldn’t have named it anything other than a sound?” Ko asked.

Following the roast segment, the guests answered questions from chosen students. Many of them were almost speechless that they received the opportunity to talk to Ko and Miller.

Pooja Chafekar, junior marketing and Spanish double major, was one of the students chosen to ask a question.

“I’ve been a huge fan of theirs since high school, and love their YouTube videos, music and podcast,” Chafekar said. “I know that a lot of people on that call were huge fans, so it was nice to have an opportunity to be able to talk to them.”

Junior graphic design major Ginger Batton also enjoyed the event and liked how interactive it was.

“I loved how personal it was, and how we got to talk to them like we were long-term friends,” Batton said. “It was great to interact with them and share some laughs.”

The overall perception of the event was very positive, and while this was one of ACBU’s big events for the semester, Peterson said they are planning more in-person activities to look forward to in the coming months.

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