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Bradley commits to pay student workers ‘as if COVID-19 had not happened’

Bradley announced on Wednesday that it would continue to pay its student employees for their anticipated work hours, even if they are not currently working remotely or on-campus, until May 16.  

An email sent to student employees detailing that if a student employee is working remotely, the student will be paid for the actual work hours; or, a combination of hours actually worked and anticipated work hours by the supervisor as if COVID-19 had not happened, whichever is greater. 

Students who are not currently working remotely will be paid by the anticipated work hours as if COVID-19 had not happened. However, if a student declines to work remotely when offered by the supervisor, the student will not get paid. 

“Just that we know students depend on their paychecks and we are doing all we can to ensure they receive them,” said Renee Charles, the university spokesperson. 

Just this Monday, the university’s president Gary Roberts announced that Bradley is planning to reduce around $40 million in operational expenses, along with a series of administrative decisions, to overcome the financial struggle that was significantly worsened by the pandemic.

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