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Bradley markets hospitality major

Originally published November 12, 2010

A new major, hospitality management, will hit the Hilltop next fall, and Bradley is looking for new ways to market the program to prospective students.

Bradley has a three-fold plan for marketing all new majors, including the new hospitality major.

The university purchases the names of all high school seniors interested in the hospitality major. The university sends them a preliminary letter informing them about the idea of the new program to see interest.  

After the new major is approved by the University Senate, Bradley will send out a second letter informing prospective students of the new major.

“We have a lot of great places here in Peoria for hospitality internships,” said Vice President of Student Affairs Alan Galsky. “It lets students know we have an official program, to think of us as a place to go.”

As another way to introduce new majors, Bradley holds a variety of visit days to allow students to gain a better understanding of the majors they are looking into.

“On Dec. 3, Bradley will have a special three-tier visit day, including a general visit day for all interested students, and one for those interested in engineering and hospitality majors, included in the same day with extra programs added on for these majors,”  Galsky said.

This plan of action was also used three years ago when the sports communication major was added.  It proved to be very successful.

Luckily for students, Bradley does not cut majors when new programs are added, instead the university adds to the already large choice of academics.

“When new majors are introduced at Bradley, they become an addition to our broad-based comprehensive educational offerings.  No other majors are cut as a response to adding a new major,” said Provost David Glassman.

The new hospitality major will have dual homes in both the Foster College of Business and the Family and Consumer Sciences Department.

“The FCS department is pleased that one of the distinctive features of the major will be collaboration with the Foster College of Business,” said Family and Consumer Sciences Chair Nina Collins. “Two courses in hospitality will be cross-listed with two different departments in business.  This could provide enrichment of majors in both business departments as well as FCS majors.”

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