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Column: Take it easy

Photo via Audrey Garcia

Sometimes it’s hard to relax, especially when you have a lot of assignments to finish. So, as spring break is coming up, here are some relaxing things I recommend to take your mind off of school.

Create something

I am a creative person, and my favorite thing to do is simply make something. This can be something as simple as crocheting, baking, writing for fun or drawing. You can easily start a new hobby this way.

Start small and work your way up on your little hobbies. Remember, this should be something low pressure and reliably stress-free. If that hobby is causing you stress by perfectionism, let the mistakes show. It’s not the quality of the end project, but the journey there that should be fulfilling and relaxing.

Watch those recommendations you’ve been putting off

We all have been too busy with school to watch everything on our watch list. What better way to spend this break than binge watching the shows and movies you’ve been waiting to see?

Over winter break, I wanted to watch something that premiered during that time. But I got distracted by a certain Korean drama series my mom was into. Even if you don’t end up watching what you want, or just don’t have anything in mind, simply having someone to watch with creates the fun. Who knows, you might get caught up theorizing who that one guy is that ends up being the main character’s childhood friend from all that time ago? Shout-out to “Castaway Diva.” 

Try new games

Over winter break, I also wanted to play a game called “No Straight Roads” with my sister. But it didn’t happen and probably won’t happen since it might be too long to complete in a week.

Still, like the previous suggestions, even if you don’t get to the stuff you wanted to play or do, you can always enjoy a classic or nostalgic game by yourself or with friends.

Take walks

In order to relax, sometimes we need to shake things up a little bit. Something simple as going out to walk to the nearest park or around the block does wonders. Even just sitting outside, weather permitting, might be the thing that helps you relax a bit.

Just sleep

Out of everything on this list, students will most likely just do this one. And it’s a good thing. After all, we all deserve a break from stressful projects, school, work and probably life too.

However you like to spend your spring break, I hope it’s a relaxing and fulfilling one. Remember to take it easy.

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