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COVID-19: Bradley opens up the remote working option for employees

Photo via Scout archive.

While maintaining an operating campus, Bradley University is giving the option for employees to work from home on Tuesday and Wednesday with the approval of supervisors, according to an internal communication email. 

According to the email statement, this precautionary step is to further avoid in-person interactions between the employees during the outbreak of COVID-19. 

University employees will need to complete a “Temporary Remote-work Agreement” with the supervisor in order to work from home, and the agreement must be approved by the vice president or the associate vice president for the division or the designee.  

According to the internal communication email, the university is planning to have a process in place to determine job expectations during the work from home time. 

Prior to this decision, the university sent out a communication on Sunday afternoon to all staff and faculty to offer a list of technology training workshop sessions throughout today to Thursday. 

During this time, the university will utilize online workspace tools like Google Hangouts, Google Chats, Google Meet and Zoom Meetings for its operation. 

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