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Health Science Organization offers valuable pre-health programming

The executive board. Photo via HSO Instagram

Bradley’s Health Science Organization (HSO) is a health science major-oriented club that offers academic success and career-focused programs. The student-led organization supports kinesiology and health science (KHS) majors through their undergraduate experience and prepares them for graduate programs in their chosen specialty.

“KHS at Bradley goes over a wide range [of fields],” HSO President and junior KHS major Marissa Perez said. “People who are in KHS can be in physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training and physician assistant [programs].” 

The club meets every Wednesday for a wide range of activities, including clinics which focus on practical skills, four year planning workshops, presentations on study tips and guest speakers from various specialties.

“I think that we are a good resource for anyone who is a KHS major,” Perez said. “I think that this organization is something that every KHS freshman should be in for at least one year.”

HSO has focused most of its programming this semester on freshmen and sophomores to ensure that the newest KHS majors feel supported by the program. 

“We also help [students] get integrated into school life and the major itself, because it’s not an easy major and most people don’t realize how hard it’s going to be. So we just help them with that transition,” Perez said.

Students get hands-on experiences through HSO. Most notably, clinics are an opportunity for students at all points in their major program to reconnect with their passion and learn about the field.

“It’s just cool to get that hands-on experience because especially as a freshman, you’re not learning those things in class, you’re in [prerequisite] courses,” HSO Secretary and sophomore KHS major Casey Fisher said. “So, [clinics] remind you of your passion because you get to do actual hands-on things that you’re wanting to do one day.”

HSO offers a host of supports tailored to upperclassmen as well, including Graduate Record Examination (GRE) preparation, resume workshops and presentations from current doctoral candidates.

“I think my favorite meeting is always [with] the DPT – doctorate of physical therapy students at Bradley,” Perez said. “We always have them come and talk to the undergrads to give their advice, their experiences and everything like that.”

Perez hopes that KHS majors will take the opportunity to learn about other facets of the allied health profession through the range of activities organized by HSO.

“We give them a whole bunch of resources for a whole bunch of different job opportunities,” Perez said. “So even if someone comes in … thinking that they know PT [is their focus], we will still show them stuff with OT and they may switch because they never heard of OT before.”

HSO is a comprehensive resource for KHS majors looking to expand their knowledge of the field, make connections with professionals and build relationships with their peers in the department. To learn more about HSO and for updates about upcoming activities, visit HSO’s Instagram.

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