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Hilltop Films showcase student talent

Future filmmakers and movie enthusiasts alike ventured to Hilltop Showcase, an event hosted by Hilltop Films where they featured the film they have been working on over the semester.

The event took place in the executive suite of the student center basement, where the films were displayed on a small projection screen. In addition to their premiered film, “Group Project,” they showed past projects: “Project 7,” “Ryogo” and “Decision Making.”

“Group Project” was a comedic telling of the difficulties that come along with getting people to commit to their work when assigned a task.

“Project 7” was a mystery film with an approach reminiscent of “Blair Witch Project,” starting off with a creepy piano theme similar to John Carpenter’s “Halloween.” “Ryogo” is a film about a tech company that produces robots, but runs into trouble when one of the robots starts developing a friendship with a human.

Hilltop Films, previously known as BU Productions, was started in 2017 by senior television arts major Kayla Hallowell and recent graduate Rachel Borland. The club produced “Project 7” as its first film.

When asked about the origins of Hilltop Films, executive producer and sophomore animation major Riley Egan spoke about how its humble beginnings expanded into better quality films filled with devoted cast and crew.

“We just wrapped our current film and we are currently editing our project titled ‘Undergrad,’” said Egan. “The change in quality is just phenomenal and seeing the club going from a couple of people filming in an abandoned hotel to an entire cast and crew shooting these short films is just really nice to see.”

Additionally, Egan explained that Hilltop Films is open to anyone who is willing to collaborate and make great movies, not just television arts majors.

“We’ve got people from all different types of professions and all different types of fields coming in helping out,” Egan said. “When it boils down to it, it’s really about Bradley students who are passionate about films, passionate about creating and want to work as a team in a professional kind of creative field.”

Some people see this showcase and club as a great way to get experience in their chosen field. Seeing a response to their work is rewarding.

Matthew Kauerauf, a Senior television arts major, joined Hilltop Films this semester because it gave him the chance to write more, as well as looking good on his resume.

“I wrote the promo that we did at the end and that was really cool to see. It’s nice to see people laugh at the jokes that you make,” Kauerauf said. “I know for some people that have been involved since the club began they like to see the small stuff that they’ve messed up on and have improved on in the forthcoming semesters.”

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