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Holiday lights may brighten campus

Student Body President Jordan Ticaric, along with Student Senate, has a bright idea for campus this winter season.
Senators are working to get campus lit up with Christmas lights to bring a little seasonal spirit to the Bradley population.
With the facelift the campus is receiving, Ticaric said she hoped this idea comes to fruition with Senate’s voice backing it up.
“I hope that it works and that it can be done,” she said. “I love the flags [on the light poles], and that was a resolution that Senate put through to promote school spirit.”
After the idea was thought of, Ticaric went to Vice President for Business Affairs Gary Anna and Grounds Supervisor Stan Glazier to see if it was a possibility.
Glazier said even though he has not worked out the logistics of the situation, he loves the idea from a visual standpoint.
“I can visualize it myself with snow on the ground, lights … I’m sounding all romantic now, but our campus has taken such strides in making it look nice that this could just carry it across seasons,” he said.
While it is not certain when the decorating would take place, Ticaric said the task would most likely fall into the hands of the campus grounds crew.
“I believe it would most likely be a task for them just because they probably would do a better job aesthetically and safety-wise,” she said.
Glazier said he would be more than willing to help in any way possible and would love to have students get involved.
“The biggest thing is how we are going to do this logistically,” he said. “We can’t just run drop cords across campus with all the electrical issues. Hardwiring lights into preexisting lights could pose as another problem. However, if we can make it safe for students to help, I love when students offer to help because it is neat to get everyone on campus involved.”
The bare trees and new light poles are very obvious candidates for the placement of the lights, but Ticaric said this is only what she envisions for now. She also said it would be fun to have lights hanging from some of the campus buildings.
“I would like to see the lights all over campus, just to create a sense of holiday or winter spirit all throughout campus,” she said. “The homey feel the lights could create would be just another thing to bring us closer to home in the midst of cold weather and academic stress.”
If this notion passes through the necessary administrators and ends up brightening campus, it seems students are generally going to be accepting of the idea.
Junior retail merchandising major Lauren Giuliani said she thinks the lights would be a great addition to the campus if people’s beliefs are held in check.
“I love Christmas lights,” she said. “I think it would really add a great touch to our campus. So that we can include everyone, I would just make them white lights rather than red and green – Christmas colors. If they are white lights, they apply to everyone.”
Ticaric said this would not really pose as a concern, because color has already been taken into consideration.
“I don’t imagine there being any concerns about religious holidays because they wouldn’t be promoting one religion’s beliefs over another,” she said. “I picture white and multicolored lights simply to bring in some light and cheer during the cold winter months.”
For Ticaric and other students, hanging lights on campus is more than just getting in the spirit of the season. With Senate’s help, Ticaric said she wants to make Bradley a place students can treasure.
“Sometimes school spirit doesn’t have to be just about a mascot or a sporting team,” she said. “It’s a sense of pride in where you’re getting your education.”
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