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New Campus Group Advocates Safe Sex, Voter Registration

Comprehensive sexual education will be no stranger on campus this year. Advocates for Choice, a new student organization, is setting
foot on Bradley’s campus this semester.
“I’m excited for it [Advocates for Choice] to be a part of campus,”
said Vice President Ben Gaddis. “I’m looking forward to getting more students registered to vote and to be a part of the politics of sexual education.”
Advocates for Choice will focus on promoting safe sex, but also has a long term goal that is unique to the organization.
The club wants to bring awareness
to reproductive rights that associate with issues such as abortion
and birth control.
“I don’t think people realize how fewer rights people have in comparison to years past,” said Advocates for Choice President Sarah Czufin. “New legislation continues to be more restrictive and the government continues to chip away at our reproductive rights.”
This fall they plan to hand outvoter
register registration forms and encourage students to register to vote on the quad.
By doing so they want to encourage students to not only vote, but to defend their rights.
In addition to providing voter registration forms, Advocates for Choice will also mail the completed
forms for students.
“We are at a university where students come from all over the country,” Czufin said. “We have a lot of opportunities to voice our opinions by contacting state representatives
and registering to vote.”
Although the organization is student run, they will receive a lot of assistance from Planned Parenthood.
“Planned Parenthood will provide
us with voter registration forms as well as petitions,” said Czufin. “As an organization we will support their political goals. In return we will gain a strong political form and will be connected
with other universities through Planned Parenthood, making this effort stronger.”
In addition to reproductive rights, Advocates for Choice will educate students on sexual awareness
issues such as STIs and safer sex.
“A lot of kids come to college open to experimenting, not knowing
the risks of unprotected sex,” she said. “As an organization we really want to make sure students know the facts. We want this to be honest reliable information.”
The organization plans to host “light hearted” activities ranging from distributing condoms on the quad to events such as trivia nights and movie nights.
“I want these events to be more of a discussion about these issues,” said Czufin. “Not just me telling people.”
Anyone interested in joining
the organization can contact Czufin through the Advocates for Choice Facebook group.
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