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Police Reports: April 5, 2024

  • At 4:40 p.m. on April 2, BUPD responded to a fight in progress near the entrance of the Campustown Dollar Tree. A physical altercation broke out between two non-Bradley-affiliated women, one of whom was caring for two children. The second woman entered the adjacent CVS and began yelling at the first woman. The argument appeared to be over a statement on Facebook that the first woman made about the other’s son. The second woman followed the other woman and her children outside of the store. Security camera footage showed that the shouting woman punched the first woman in the face, punched one of the children and grabbed the other child by their hair, then threw them to the ground. After officers broke up the fight, one child was transported to the hospital for their injuries. Officers arrested the aggressor and transported her to Peoria County Jail. She stands charged with three counts of battery. 
  • Just after midnight on March 30, a Bradley public safety officer observed two students riding on the hood of a car driving on Duryea Place. When a BUPD squad car arrived to conduct a traffic stop, the two students jumped off of the vehicle and ran away. The officer spoke to the driver, a Bradley student, and instructed them to call the two students who ran away. The driver initially claimed they did not know the students, but later admitted they did. The two students returned to the scene and were each issued a notice to appear in court for reckless conduct. The driver was issued a notice to appear for reckless conduct and a traffic citation for reckless driving. 
  • Around 6:30 p.m. on March 28, two individuals riding motorized scooters collided with a student’s SUV in front of the Michel Student Center. The SUV was driving southbound on Elmwood Avenue when the scooter-riders, riding westbound in a crosswalk, collided with the front driver’s side fender. The students riding the scooters stopped to ask if the driver was OK. The driver said that they were, and the individuals rode away without giving the driver any contact information. The collision left a considerable amount of damage to the SUV’s fender. BUPD officers closed the investigation after they could not identify the scooter riders through security camera footage.
  • Around 11:10 p.m. on March 28, the Peoria Fire Department and BUPD responded to an activated fire alarm at the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house. When officers arrived, they did not observe any signs of fire and entered the building with university facilities personnel. After investigating, they determined that there was no fire and an alarm in the third-floor hallway was activated. Officers noted the smell of burnt cannabis from a bedroom next to the alarm and a heavy odor of aerosols from a neighboring bedroom. When they questioned the residents, one admitted to using cannabis recreationally but claimed not to have been responsible for the fire alarm activation. Officers couldn’t determine what activated the alarm, the alarm was reset and residents were allowed to re-enter the building.
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