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Rate My Plate: Dac’s Smokehouse BBQ Peoria

Dac’s SmokeHouse BBQ Peoria is open Monday to Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Thursday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Photo by Tirzasprigela Christopher.

One of the perks of having $125 worth of QuickCash every semester is getting to spend it at the restaurants in Campustown every couple of weeks.

Dac’s Smokehouse BBQ, which has an extensive menu of sandwiches, egg rolls, wraps, salads, nachos, tacos and meat plates, is one of these places.

I tried the smoked chicken tandoori meat plate, which came with a slice of Texas toast and two sides: baked beans and cheesy corn.

Smoked chicken tandoori meat plate

The serving is what caught my eye first. It was hardly a spoonful of meat, which was not enough for an entrée. The chicken was chopped into small pieces, tasted smoky and felt tender to chew. However, the sauce had an acidic taste, due to which I repeatedly had to dip the meat in my side of baked beans to even out the sharp, sour aftertaste. By the time I had my third bite, I was running to refill my cup of water so my tongue would stop tingling from the saltiness. Due to the overpowering taste of the sauce, I couldn’t enjoy the chicken as much as I would have liked to.


Texas toast

The toast was fresh and had a rich, buttery flavor. While it did get a little soggy due to the butter, the velvety texture complimented the crispy, easy-to-bite-into crust fairly well. The thickness of the golden brown bread was the highlight of the slice as it melted in my mouth as soon as I chewed on it, while the saltiness of the slice stayed for a second longer on my tongue.


Baked beans

This may have been my favorite part of the meal, as it was perfect by itself and helped make the entrée taste a little better. The beans were baked to perfection, creamed with the sauce to create a sweet, rich and earthy flavor that fills your mouth entirely. It came in a medium-sized portion that is more than enough for you to eat and possibly take home leftovers.


Cheesy corn

I am a cheese fanatic, so I was really excited for this side. My expectations proved too high, as I felt somewhat let down. The cheese was like instant cheese and wasn’t of the greatest quality. The cheese did not have the rich, nutty taste I had hoped for, but served as a silent supplement for the freshly, boiled corn. It was one of those hit-or-miss kinds of dishes where it could either be great or just not that good.


The meal was $13 in total. If you are looking for some traditional chicken tandoori, this could be a start, but it is far from what it traditionally tastes like.

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