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Scout on the Street: What’s your favorite thing to do on campus in the springtime?

“On super nice days, I’ll grab a soccer ball and some other guys, and we’ll head out to the alumni quad and just pass [it] around. We’re normally not very good, but thankfully, our only audience is the squirrels.”

-Chris Will, senior accounting major


“My roommate just got a puppy, so we’ve been walking and playing fetch with him on the quad lately. It’s been a blast, and at the very least, we get to meet new people because lots of people will ask to come and pet him.”

-Rob Lange, junior manufacturing engineering major


“If I can get a good Wi-Fi connection, I’ll always bring my laptop and textbooks and study on the alumni quad. It’s peaceful and gives me a chance to take advantage of the weather instead of being cooped up in the library for too long. I like to do homework outside whenever possible.”

-Jessica Lach, senior political science major


“This spring, I’ve been really into frolfing, or frisbee-golfing, and I’ll play on lower Laura Bradley Park or pass it back and forth with my friend Kelsey. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s getting to be an expensive habit because I keep getting them stuck on top of Olin Hall.”

-Katie Anderson, senior marketing major


“When it gets around 70 degrees, I like to take a blanket to the alumni quad and lay in the sun. Sometimes, I even fall asleep because it gets so relaxing. It also doesn’t have many trees, so it’s a good place to get more sun.”

-Rachel Gaddam, senior community wellness major

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