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Senate committee looking to increase wireless strength

Originally published November 19, 2010

The results for Student Senate’s BUsecure survey are in, and the majority of the 281 students who completed the survey have reported issues with its coverage.

“I have talked with Director of Computing Services Sandy Bury about the initial survey results this past Monday,” said Student Senate’s Chairman of Technology Services and Affairs Jeremy Daniel. “The results of the survey mainly stated that there was poor coverage across the campus and especially in the dorms.”

That poor coverage may be due to students using their own private wireless networks, which are not allowed in residence halls or in the St. James Apartment Complex he said.

“If you see or know of people who are using them, please let them know they should turn off the wireless setting,” Daniel said. “Students are allowed to have registered routers in their rooms with the wireless turned off. To register a router, bring it in to the HelpDesk and they will register it properly.”

The reason wireless must be turned off is because of its interference with BUsecure, he said.

“Since there isn’t excellent coverage, I have a feeling that more and more people are buying wireless routers so they can use wireless,” Daniel said. “This, in turn, hurts their floormates or people in the apartments that they live in because they can’t properly connect to BUsecure.”

To solve this problem Daniel said Computing Services might disable wireless networks that are not affiliated with the university.

“I have asked [Bury] to possibly start to actively look for all wireless networks that are non-Bradley owned and start to disable them across the network,” he said. “This might occur by next semester. I stress the words might occur, because this would seem to be the best course of action to increase the signal strength.”

Daniel said students also need to remember to keep reporting problems with BUsecure.

“It has also been brought to my attention that not all wireless issues have been reported,” he said. “If you have a wireless issue, please contact the HelpDesk.”

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