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Senate creates MAP committee

Due to the heightened concern caused by the MAP Grant, Student Senate has created a committee in order to address this problem.
The MAP Grant committee, chaired by Student Body Treasurer Patrick Campbell, will vocalize all issues regarding the grant to the student body in an effort to get the word out, said Student Body President Kyle Malinowski.
“Student Senate is meant to be the voice of campus,” he said. “We want to offer the opportunity to hear every voice on campus.”
The committee will be extinguished after the state legislature decides whether to fund the second half of the program or not.
The committee is just one of the few new additions to senate following Monday’s meeting.
Two new senators were approved. Sophomore Sarah Rayfield will be representing singles complex and junior Jon Doremus will be representing for the St. James Apartment Complex.
“I want to be in senate because I feel that I haven’t been involved enough on campus,” Rayfield said. “Student Senate is a great way for me to make a positive impact.”
Along with the approval of both student senate chairs, senior Nick Fahnders, who was student body vice president two years ago, was appointed and approved for the position of University Senator. Fahnders will play an important role as the communicator between the University Senate, which is composed of faculty, and Student Senate. Fahnders said his role is to confirm that both senates are on the same page in terms of what is happening on campus and the changes that are desired to be made.
“I have gained a lot of perspective on this beautiful place [Bradley] that I hold in my heart,” Fahnders said. “I think that it all will help me serve as University Senator.”
In addition to swearing in new senators, the group is excited to add more chairs to council. Malinowski has already set forth the motion to add a student-athlete chair.
“I will be speaking with the Braves representative to bring a student-athlete to council,” he said.
The chair will be added in order to bring another voice to senate to represent the athletic student body. This athlete position will be run as a rotated position, in order to bring athletes from different sports and seasons on to council.
Chairs are still available for any student who would like to get involved in senate. Senator positions are open for the Student Apartment Complex, Geisert and Harper/Wyckoff. Senate is accepting petitions for any of these open chairs, regardless of where potential applicants live. A petition can be downloaded for Senate’s Web site,
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