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Students could be receiving a refund from the university through housing

Students leave their residences with extra belongings before spring break over COVID-19 concerns. Photo by Tony Xu

Bradley Students living in the dorms and the Student Apartment Complex (SAC) will be eligible for a refund for 44 percent of their housing and meal plan, according to an update from the university on March 31, even if they haven’t had the chance to move out yet.

St. James residents who decide to stay at their permanent address during this time will need to notify the St. James apartment office by April 13 to have their April and May rent payments waived. 

The refund will first be applied to any account balance if the student still owes the university any money. Any credit remaining will be issued in the form of a check sent to the students’ home address, according to the university email.

Before spring break, students were advised by the university to return to their permanent homes, with the exceptions for those who have special circumstances and unable to return. The university also ensured students that their belongings would be safe if they couldn’t move out of campus housing before Illinois’s shelter-in-place order. 

“Adjustments will be based on whether or not they have had the opportunity to completely move out the belongings of their apartment,” said Ryan Bair, executive director of residential living.

Students who’ve stayed in St. James will still be responsible for the months of April and May. They will have less steps to take than tenants who have moved out earlier.

“While some residents have chosen to depart; many residents have chosen to stay with us or have nowhere else to go,” said Gregory Colwell, general manager of off-campus properties and oversees all St. James Apartments. “As further decisions are made, we will keep our tenants posted, while encouraging them to follow CDC and official recommendations.”

In an email sent out by St. James apartment office on Monday said that tenants who wish to move out and have the rent payments waived will need to notify the office by April 13. Tenants applied will lose their building access after 9 a.m. of April 13, though they do not have to move out all the belongings by April 13 out of health concerns. Tenants can move out at a later date with an arrangement with the office in advance. 

Vice president for student affairs, Nathan Thomas, said that the process will be different for students depending on where they live.

“For the residence halls and SAC, students will have their account updated by April 20,” Thomas said. “For St. James, off-campus properties will confirm credits and updates with residents by April 20.”

For tenants who paid in advance, they will receive an email confirming the refund is being processed by April 20 once completing the move out process. Tenants will also have to login through their online portal and remove any cards associated with their account.

Those who lived in SAC and the dorms will be sent a check through mail. Once the  amount is reflected in students’ accounts they should receive their refund in the mail within 14 days, according to Thomas.

Students should check and update their permanent address through Webster. The address listed as “home address” is where the university will send the refund check.

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