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Writing as a community

Whether it’s poems, short stories, lyrics, or scripts, WritehouseInk is a campus organization dedicated to putting pen to paper.

Writehouse Ink. is a resource and a community of writers who aims to create a safe space for its members.

The organization itself is a resource for writers because it has editing workshops and opportunities during meetings to present the work of fellow Writehouse members.

“I really believe in facilitating an atmosphere where writing is possible, where writing is comfortable,” said JoAnna Holley, a sophomore English secondary education major and executive of the organization.

Despite not having as many members as the past, Writehouse Ink. is still striving to build a greater writing community.

“We got a few people from the Activity’s Fair this semester, but we’re still in the building part,” said Holley. “I think the more we get together the more we write, the more we learn about each other, that’s going to be when the community really starts.”

There are around five active members who attend weekly meetings this semester. Members are and encouraged to share the prose, lyrics, poetry or any formal writing.

To switch things up, every week Writehouse Ink rotates what they will focus on during their meeting times. The rotations include writing, editing workshops and sharing their work amongst peers.

Hannah Ivy, a sophomore English education major and vice president of Writehouse Ink, thinks the most satisfactory part of the club is setting aside time dedicated to writing.

“They feel like they are forced to write,” Ivy said. “It’s a set aside specific time where they say ‘okay, this is time for writing.”

Having this designated time out of the week along with being around a community of writers is what Ivy believes is the most important feature of Writehouse Ink.

The meeting’s sharing days consist of members reading their work out loud or passing it around. In previous meetings the objective was to do an informal peer review or critique. This semester though, Ivy said they want to change that.

Even though it is an English-major dominant club, all are welcome to join Writehouse Ink. No major, year, forms of writing or levels of experience is restricted in joining.

“Everyone brings a different experience to the table,” Holley said.

Josh Butler, a senior business marketing major is new to Writehouse Ink. and proves that non-English majors can still enjoy the club.

Writehouse Ink. meets every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in Bradley Hall room 120. For more information, their Facebook page is WritehouseInk. To receive weekly updates regarding the organization and writing prompts, contact

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