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Conservative stereotypes not always accurate

Liberalism is the relentless pursuit of improving humanity. Well-intentioned policy is based disproportionately on emotion rather than fact or the lessons of history. It has been a dominant force behind movements toward equality in the past. However, left unchecked, it threatens to destroy the institutions that facilitate its very existence.
Conservatism is the unwavering attempt at recognizing the time-tested sources of success in society and protecting them. It maintains that the only way to free society of its problems is to protect prosperity.
The American political system, though flawed in many ways, is a historical anomaly responsible for implementing more humanitarian advances than any Marxist system has ever, or will ever, allow. It is absolutely imperative we protect the freedoms that have allowed for this to happen:
Property rights, low taxes, the right to self-defense, the right to free speech, equal chance for all, the unbiased rule of law, and a system of checks and balances.
Conservatives’ thoughts, perceptions, and opinions are not formed out of anger or bitterness, not out of class envy, not due to ignorance, and certainly not out of racism.
I am sick and tired of being labeled as such. I am conservative because I understand capitalism is the most effective means of benefiting the greater good. I despise victimization. I believe in the ability of uninhibited individuals to do right by their peers. I believe in giving a person the means to succeed, never in gifting undeserved wealth.
Obama is referred to as a charismatic and eloquent speaker. However, “charisma” is only useful in obtaining emotional acceptance which serves no purpose in the realm of sound judgment. “Eloquence” is merely the ability to articulate a point – regardless of the point’s political validity or motive.
Most of this country holds the same views as me. My plea is to all who are days contradicts everything that has made our country great.  What do you really value?  How does Barack Obama’s policy fit?
“The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help,’ ” – Ronald Reagan
Kurt Walker
Senior management and administration major
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