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Editorial: Bring donations off-campus

Many upperclassmen are familiar with the blue bags distributed to their doors and giant blue bins that show up in each residence hall at the end of every school year. It brings convenience for students to donate their extra clothing and old furniture during the move-out time instead of lugging it home. 

According to 2016 data from U.S. Census, about 21.7% of Peoria city population is in poverty; that’s about one in five people of the population. Organizations like Goodwill help the community by gathering resources and distributing them to families in need. 

This year, students donated 1,662 pounds of clothes and household goods through the Goodwill drive this May. We are glad to see Bradley students are helping the less fortunate. 

Across the street from campus, truck-size dumpsters were added in the parking lot of the St. James apartments in preparation of move-out time. In the process, a large amount of perfectly good furniture and belongings were discarded into the dumpster. 

Walk around the neighborhood and it is not uncommon for students to leave unwanted furniture right outside of their rented house on the sidewalk when they move out. 

With about half of the student population living off-campus, it is a great potential to expand donation drives beyond the campus. 

Bradley generally requires both freshmen and sophomore students live on-campus, with the exception of greek houses, Main Street Commons or other special situations. Most of the dormitory residents are new to the Hilltop and don’t have as many belongings as students living off-campus. 

With mostly furnished dormitories, lowerclassmen usually only bring a microwave oven, mini fridge, TV, futon, mini fridge and desk chairs, if not less. Compared to renting a house off-campus, where students need to furnish the entire house, there is a potential to increase donations. 

We hope next year the Goodwill donation drive can involve off-campus students better and help even more people in need. 

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