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Finding your role, one brick at a time

One of my mentors told me that in life there are three perspectives: the brick layer, the wall builder and the castle constructor. All three are talented, given the same materials and committed to the same action – stacking bricks one on top of the other.

The difference between the three people is how each perceives what it is that he or she is doing. While someone believes they are doing nothing more than assembling building materials, the other envisions the end product in all of its glory.

We are college students – and it’s no shocker that we get caught up in the midterms, the boyfriend or girlfriend, the Vegas bombs or the retweets we rack up on our oh-so-clever Twitter posts.

We are constantly bombarded with everyone’s opinions and their definitions of what it is to be successful. Many of us spend our entire lives trying to mimic the road to achievement that others have traveled.

Stop that.

If you’re a brick layer, embrace those bricks and be one heck of a brick layer.

If you’re a wall builder, take pride in the masterpiece that you have created.

If you’re a castle constructor, hold onto that vision and drive to build that fortress.

In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “Whatever you are, be a good one.”

Your path to success cannot be duplicated, nor can anyone else’s. Stop trying to make your journey identical to another’s, for that is where the problem lies.

Speaking of pioneers on the pathway of success – there’s nothing wrong with guidance and advisement. What’s wrong is when you take the easy way out by trying to imitate another’s trip up the ladder to victory instead of living the dream and loving it.

You’ve got your own awesome, unique ladder waiting for you to climb on up and ring that bell at the top. And whether that means you’re stacking bricks or building castles – that ladder is waiting for you.

This is it, guys.

This is the life we’ve been given and the time we’ve been given to live it.

We are Braves and we need to be just that – brave.

Pick up the ladder, stack those bricks and let’s go and be awesome at whatever it is we do.

The time starts now.

I’ll see you at the top.

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