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It’s important to protect your vote this election

On Nov. 4, millions of students like you will help choose the next president of the United States. In this historic election, students have registered in unprecedented numbers and they will be showing up at the polls in full force. The youth vote will have a huge impact. Our voices will be heard. But you need to make sure your vote counts.
It only takes a minute to protect your vote. Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE or visit and follow these five easy steps: 
First, confirm your registration! Operators will help you make sure the registration form you filled out has been processed and that you been placed on the voting rolls.
Second, find out where you need to go to vote. Give the operators the address you used to register. They will tell you where your polling place is. Or go online to, type in the address at which you registered, and your polling place will pop up on the map.
Third, make sure you have the correct ID. Each state has its own specific ID requirements, so don’t assume anything. Having improper ID is the most common reason students are denied the right to vote. Ask the operators what forms of ID are acceptable in your state, and then remember to bring them with you on Election Day.
Fourth, do not leave the polling place without casting a ballot! If your name is not on the voter list, or you went to the wrong polling place, or you do not have the correct ID, you still have the right to vote. Ask for a provisional ballot. Then call 1-866-OUR-VOTE later that day and operators can help you make sure your ballot has been processed. If you think a poll worker is illegally challenging your right to vote or if someone is intimidating you, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE immediately and speak with an election lawyer. Ask for someone to come to your polling place to help you.
Fifth, make sure to sustain your political engagement after Election Day. The power of our vote is strengthened when we hold our elected leaders accountable. Change and reform will not happen in Washington unless we unite and organize to stand up for the causes we believe in. Continue to make your voice heard.
Nicki Hanson
Campus Coordinator,    
Democracy Matters
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