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Letter to the Editor: Stop the Bop served to annoy, not motivate

The recent student election saw a very low voter turnout, and for good reason.
The tactics used to get people to vote this year were very ill-conceived. Primarily, I am talking about Student Senate holding the campus hostage with “MMMbop,” the musical equivalent of getting punched in the face.
I have no doubt that Senate had the best intentions in mind, however, this did nothing to motivate students to vote, it only served to irritate them.
I am a junior and have voted in the past student elections, however this year it seemed that Senate was more interested in annoying me while I tried to get to class than actually motivating me to participate in the election process.
Blasting annoying music for hours on end only caused students to want to do the opposite of what was being asked of them.
This should not happen. Ideally these elections give the students a chance to get their voices heard in the form of an elected representative.
Senate should be focusing on encouraging that aspect of voting, not utilizing tactics that repel a good number of the student body.
John Fleming
Junior entrepreneurship major
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