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Letter to the Editor: Ticaric resilient despite e-mail spam

With the recent events surrounding the student body officer elections, I have a few things I’d like to say, 
1. Everyone that did something to negatively impact the voting: what you did completely deteriorates the integrity of the elections.
These are serious positions on campus, otherwise the voting would not be left up to the entire student body. The four student body officers have one thing at interest: YOU! Don’t you get it?  Mindless, hurtful things don’t diminish Senate, they just diminish how we can represent you. 
2.  People who clearly have these problems with me have never come to a Senate meeting, an office hour or sent me an e-mail. The people perpetuating the e-mails during the elections are cowards. Plain and simple. It’s easy to write an anonymous email. If you’re unhappy with how Senate is functioning, I’ve always said that if you have a problem, petition for a seat on Senate or come to a meeting and make your voice heard.  All candidates strive for campus unity.  These antics put up roadblocks.
About that email that went out. Guess what? I didn’t write it! I’m sure the person who did was only trying to even the playing field between red and blue. I doubt that person knew that such a deed would have these repercussions.  
3. People are voting on personalities not issues. Here’s where this all bugs me. An informed, mature voter studies the candidates, cuts through the rhetoric and votes for the best candidate. The present Senate, myself included, has only had the Bradley population at heart.  
Because this election has fractured the student community, Kyle Malinowski will struggle. I hope all who voted for him and against me are willing to put your money where your mouth is.
But, people didn’t make these weeks any easier. There were Facebook groups made denigrating my character and private e-mails sent out against me, accusing me of doing corrupt things.
The list goes on and on, and the weird part is that these things were done mostly by people who I have never had a conversation with in my life. But what does what you like about me or don’t like about me have to do with the issues?  
I am not a sore loser and I will help Senate and Bradley succeed in any way I can because I genuinely care about the students and campus more than I do the title or position.
I know in my heart, I put up a good fight and played by the rules. I hope at the end of the day, your conscience is as clear as mine.
However, if your actions were meant to bury me or make me feel like I should give up, it didn’t work. It made me realize that Bradley students need more help than I had previously thought, and I am eager to help Kyle and his new executive board figure out ways to make Bradley better.  
To paraphrase a popular quote, “to those who believe in me, no explanation is necessary, and to those who don’t believe in me, no explanation will suffice.”
This is the big leagues now. Grow up. 
Jordan Ticaric
Student Body President
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