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No one is ever too old to love HSM

In case you didn’t know, “High School Musical 3” comes out today. I’m sure you are as excited as I am.
If you are like me, you just got out of the movie theatre a few hours ago and are sacrificing sleep time for being a part of a pop culture phenomenon.
If you are like me, you found the soundtrack to the new movie a week before it came out so you would know all the songs going into the movie.
If you are like me, dressed up for the premiere with a group of friends complete with costumes rivaling the movie costumes.
You might say I am obsessed with “High School Musical.” I would say you’re right.
Most people my age would say that I’m too old for the film. While I’m sure Disney had the seven to early teenager demographic in mind, there was bound to be a little spill over.
I know it is a campy, cheesy, Disney-fied musical romp through an ideal high school, but personally I find it very hard not to love.
Blame it on my infatuation with musical theater, my belief there is such thing as true love and the fact I’m basically a 12-year old stuck in a 20-year old body, but I have no qualms with saying “High School Musical” is just what the doctor ordered.
So yes, I’m addicted to a movie meant for preteen girls and teeny bopper boys, but I’m not ashamed. Heck, if I was ashamed I wouldn’t be writing this column about my love for the movie. In all honesty, it’s the exact opposite – I’m thrilled to say that I love this movie.
I’m still a kid, and I’m happy with that.
People think coming to college should make you grow up, become an adult, prepare yourself for independent living. That’s all fine and well, but I don’t think sacrificing that little element of play that everyone needs to stay sane is a college requirement.
As a future teacher, I look at the movie and see all the wonderful little life lessons we all need to be reminded of every now and then. 
For those of you who have yet to experience the wonders of “High School Musical” (and you know who you are), here’s a little rundown of the important facts Disney is force-feeding our children.
First off, don’t stick to the status quo. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, but its true. Today, people are becoming more and more cookie cutter. With all the Abercrombie hoodies, North Face jackets, iPods and “holey” jeans, people seem to be comfortable with being the same. Every now and then, it’s nice to break out from the norm, do something you want to do and not hide behind what you think people will think of you. Come clean as a baking basketball star or a hip-hop nerd. It worked for the Disney kids, why not you?
Take some time to smell the roses. If you blow through life only looking towards the goal, you are going to miss out on what life has to offer. Remember to keep up those friendships, maintain a sense of what your real values are and check yourself to make sure you are being true to who you want to be. Life gets a lot simpler when you live in the moment and can just take it as it comes. You can “bet on it.”
Let’s not forget the little lessons we are taught too – let loose for a while and dance away your troubles, leave the drama for the stage, breaking up with someone through song helps sugar coat the inevitable and you are never going at it alone because we’re all in this together.
Most importantly, “High School Musical” shows you can’t take life too seriously. Take some time from being a “grown up” to reach back into the years of being a kid. If I took my job too seriously, you wouldn’t be getting a piece like this, and really, I think we could all use a little break from Obamarama.
Jeremy Behrens is a junior English secondary education major from Ottawa. He is the Scout features reporter.
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