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Student Senate should pursue gender inclusive housing further

This past Monday, Student Senate voted on a resolution that would allow all transgender students to live in housing that corresponds with their gender identity. But the resolution didn’t pass – it didn’t receive the two-thirds majority it needed.

We understand Student Senate resolutions work as proposals that need to go through far more rounds of administration and University Senate before anything is officially passed. But this is not a good sign for Bradley.

Alice Allpow, a senior English major and outgoing member of Student Senate, explained best why this should be a concern to the campus community.

“Trans people are on this campus,” Allpow, a transgender woman, said. “You’re prioritizing baseless fears that cisgender people have over the actual violence and discrimination that transgender people face. That’s the biggest problem that I have with it all, and that kind of sucks.”

She’s right. If Bradley waits any longer to pursue something like this, the university will find itself behind the curve. That’s not a place it should want to be on topical issues, and it certainly doesn’t show support or respect for the entire campus community.

There are only a few weeks left of this academic year, and the new Student Senate cabinet has already transitioned to their roles. As students who are supposed to represent the Bradley students, we hope they make an effort to educate campus and pursue this issue further.

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